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120 ständchen zum 120. geburtstag.

indeed for eintracht frankfurt

German soccer club Eintracht Frankfurt is known to have the best fans on earth. When the club turned 120 in 2019, main sponsor Indeed wanted to give them a suitable surprise. So, we gave them not one, but 120 birthday surprises: 120 happy birthday songs and wishes created by real fans! Recorded in a real studio and turned into real radio spots. Sounds crazy? Luckily, I love crazy! Each of the 120 spots aired as a unique surprise to Eintracht on Frankfurt's main radio station during their anniversary week. Plus, we released an exclusive soundcloud list. Giving the fans a platform to personally congratulate their favourite team in public. We were amazed how passionate and creative they were. And we can assure: they really have the best fans ever!

Here are some of the many, many highlights. I swear, they're fan made!

120 Jahre
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