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the big data generated ugly x-mas sweater.

grabarz & partner

As a big ass creative agency, you usually send out big ass x-mas gifts to your clients and partners. Such as this very special bottle of red wine or that incredibly fancy postcard. To really give away something one of a kind, we decided to spend the gift money on tickets for our very own x-mas tombola. The prize: the big data generated ugly x-mas sweater. A unique masterpiece hand-made by knit expert grandma Karin. All analog.

For that, we created teasers, mailings, a microsite and a film, starring grandma Karin and her masterpiece. The proceeds were directly given to grandma Karin and her club for the elderly of the Red Cross. They had been wanting badly to go on a trip to Lubeck for quite some time then. Cause all they wanted for x-mas was marzipan cake.

teaser mailing
Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-29 um
x-mas mailing
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